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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Dies ist ein Symbolbild für die Fachgruppe Erziehungswissenschaften der Universität Bayreuth.

Educational Science

Bayreuth's Department of Educational Sciences comprises Psychology, General Pedagogy, and School Education. The department is involved in both teacher education and in the bachelor's programme Culture & Society.  ...more

Social Anthropology

Understanding foreign human action – and doing so based on the foreigners' assumptions and not our own – was the task and the strength of social anthropology long before the era of globalization.   ...more


If you want to understand the present, you have to know the past. History students in Bayreuth pay especially close attention to the history of the nation-states in Europe and their cultural and economic interrelationships.  ...more


The Department of Philosophy has a strong analytical tradition in addition to its focus on practical & theoretical philosophy. First & foremost, we address the relevance of the philosophical enterprise in changing the world. The department is also home to one of the most successful Philosophy & Economics programmes at the bachelor's & master's levels.  ...more

Study of Religion

In Bayreuth, the Study of Religion links its focuses on contemporary religious culture, contemporary Islamic cultures, and Africa in a lively way. Current religious dynamics take centre stage in research and teaching.  ...more


Why are we becoming more and more dependent on society, even though we seem to be getting more autonomous? This is just one of the key questions in sociology. Other areas of emphasis include social theory, the sociology of knowledge, political sociology, and the history of science and theory.  ...more

Sport Science

The Department of Sport Science has a strong focus on applications, evaluation, and basic research in sport science and sport economics. Research topics include talent development, health promotion, and doping.  ...more

The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences lives by the principle of combining teaching and research. It translates the research expertise of its departments – which include Philosophy, Study of Religion, Sociology, Social Anthropology, History, Educational Science, and Sport Science – into an innovative spectrum of courses.

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