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How do human beings shape their world? How can cultural phenomena, social interrelationships, and historical processes be investigated? And what kind of impetus can the humanities and social sciences provide?

Our programmes: B.A., M.A., Teacher Education

Our programmes include classical disciplines such as Sociology, Social Anthropology, History, and the Study of Religion along with interdisciplinary degrees like Philosophy & Economics; Sport, Business & Law; and African Culture & Society.

In addition, the bachelor's programme Culture & Society offers students the chance to combine their choice of two subjects in cultural studies, linguistics, and literature from a total of nine possible subjects.

Finally, our faculty also offers programmes to train future secondary school teachers in the subjects sports, history, and educational sciences.

Our distinguishing features: innovative, international, friendly.

Special features of our programmes include

  • Unusual interdisciplinary links between perspectives from cultural studies and economics (Philosophy & Economics, History & Economics)
  • Innovative sport programmes (Sport, Business & Law; Sport Technology)
  • English-taught master's programmes: Philosophy & Economics, History & Economics, Development Studies (English track)
  • Africa as an area of emphasis (including African Culture & Society, Social Anthropology, and Development Studies)

The entire spectrum of courses offered by our faculty is research-oriented, internationally linked, and at the same time influenced by the friendly atmosphere you find on the University's green campus. As a place to study, Bayreuth's distinguishing features include the town's relaxed atmosphere, its many student bars, and its reasonably priced accommodations.  You'll have everything you need right at your doorstep, and the surrounding region offers plenty to do in your free time (e.g. skiing, mountain-biking, bouldering).

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African Culture & Society
Culture & Society

Philosophy and Economics
Sport, Business and Law

African Culture & Society
Cultural and Social Anthropology
Development Studies (English)
History in Academia and in Practice

Geschichte - History - Histoire (German/English)
History & Economics (English)
Philosophy & Economics (English)

Sport, Business and Law
Study of Religion

Gesamtübersicht und Kombinationsmöglichkeiten
Lehramt Geschichte
Teaching Programme in Sport

Afrika in der Welt
European History

African Culture & Society
Study of Religion

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